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AWS Development


55 Hrs

Amazon Web Services leads the application development and deployment space, due to its features and futuristic options. The course begins with building a strong foundation on Cloud Computing and discusses why Cloud Computing is considered the de facto future. The course then moves on to describing AWS as a Cloud Service provider, and how AWS excels when compared with other providers. We then discuss in-depth review and demonstration of the various services revenant to developers, including EC2, S3, Lambda, VPC, SNS, IAM and RDS & Dynamo. You will learn about all the minor pieces of programming techniques to create, deploy, and maintain AWS applications.

What will I learn?

Foundations of Cloud Computing

What is AWS and why application building on AWS is in high demand

What constitutes a full stack in an AWS application

Available development components in AWS to help a full stack application development

Create a backend for data persistence, explore the backend by adding a frontend, and simultaneously build storage

Add users and roles management, understand, and explore traffic routing

Use security features for an internet stack

Learn to build secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant Cloud applications