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Data Science Certification


65 Hrs

Take your first and complete step in Becoming a perfect Data Scientist. Data Science is a mixed discipline made by taking the best parts of intuition, Statistics and Machine Learning Algorithms. Join the program that effective constructs a perfect Data Scientist in you. Begin with exploring the relevance of Data Scientist in a team and start envisioning Data Science in phases. Build the much-needed statistical interpretations. Then, start upon magical portions of Machine Learning nuances and build the foundations of making machines learn from data and experiences. Explore most if not all of the ML algorithm branches like regression, classification, clustering, recommendation systems, association and text data analysis. Build exciting visualizations that exactly tell you the story that you want to tell with the data interpretations and findings. Find out the interesting aspects of building end-to-end ML pipelines, and how to best make the use of such pipelines. This learn-by-doing online Data Science course is packed with real-life examples and fun-to-do exercises.

What will I learn in Data Science Training?

The relevance of Data Science and wearing the Data Scientist hat 

The ways to Statistically Interpret datasets and gain insights

Start with storytelling from the gathered data

Develop, Execute and Improve Regression, Clustering, Classification, Association and Text Data Analysis Algorithms

Understand and comprehend how to crack Data Science interviews and the future trends of Data Science

Build Recommendation Systems with real-life datasets

Build Data Processing pipelines that visually predict, classify and recommend 

A learn-by-doing course with exceptional inferences to mastering many Machine Learning Algorithms