S4 Simple Logistics

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S4 Simple Logistics


60 Hrs

Also called SAP S4 HANA Enterprise Management, SAP Simple Logistics is all about managing end-to-end business functions in an enterprise. Since the suite is based on HANA platform, its in-memory real-time computations help the suite to be efficient and performing better. The course begins with explaining the similarities of this suite with SAP ERP suite, and then the advantages of this suite over SAP ERP. The course then discusses about the major components that could be used to manage Inventory, Procurement, Order Management, etc. The course also covers the integration aspects of the suite with other suites like Marketing, Human Resource, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Sales, Finance, etc. The course ensures the HANA benefits of the suite are covered.

What will I learn?

Learn about the differences between SAP ERP Suite and SAP S4 HANA Enterprise Management Suite.

Learn about the components of the suite and how they work together to support Enterprise needs.

Understand how the in-memory and real-time capabilities of HANA benefits the suite.

Learn how the suite interacts with other HANA products, and how they all work together

Learn about MIGO, the replacement of ERP Suite's MB transactions.

Learn about Fiori User Interface, its clients and the types of its applications

Master Supply Chain planning and Integrated Business Planning in the suite

End with a complete understanding of the deployment features of the suite.